The next Grand Theft Auto game needs to do a lot to keep fans happy, and the one thing it can do is bring back Max Payne’s combat system.
Grand Theft Auto 6 can do a lot, shake up the status quo, and Rockstar brings one of the best options back to the old shooting mechanics from Max Payne 3. While the first two were developed by Max Payne Games Remedy Entertainment , Which would later go on to create games such as Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and his most recent (and most critically acclaimed game) controls, Max P The final entry in the Nine franchise ended and was marketed as the Rockstar title.

Max Payne 3, while not as noir-focused in the first two games in the franchise, was still popular among fans of both Remedy and Rockstar. One of the best things about every entry in the Max Payne series is the game’s battle system, a mash-up between John Woo action and Matrix-style slow motion that lets players simultaneously take out an entire room full of enemies. Fired, and this style of gunplay was perfected in Max Payne 3 when it was combined with Rockstar’s already tight controls. While shooting in Grand Theft Auto games often feel tingling or lacking, the gunfights in Max Payne 3 are intense, impressive and impressive.
If Rockstars really wanted to make Grand Theft Auto 6 the best Grand Theft Auto game ever, they should consider bringing Max Payne’s combat mechanics back. This does not mean implementing some sort of slower diving action than Grand Theft Auto V does, but instead suggesting a full overhaul of shooting and guns in operation of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Why Max Payne’s Weapons Had More Impact

Shooting in Max Payne 3, like everything else in the game, is meant to send a message. In this example, the message being sent is that guns are dangerous, that this lifestyle (especially for Max) is dangerous, and if anyone is shot, it is seriously hurt. While shooting in Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2, can sometimes feel weighty, unsightly and somewhat slow, shooting in Max Payne 3 was almost arcade-like compared to the enemies. Max can move fluidly between cover and running, and the moment of the slow-motion action hero was perfect for evacuating a room full of enemies or whenever the player wanted to look extra cool.
One reason for this is that Max doesn’t really have much to do in levels other than shoot his enemies. Grand Theft Auto offers players a variety of gameplay options, whether they are driving a car, riding a bicycle, climbing ladders, raiding homes in San Andreas, or at Diamond Casino & Resort Winning bets. On the other hand, players engaging with Max Payne 3 have far fewer options than gameplay options, and must either kill their enemies back or die by trying. This possibility allowed the developers to allow a lot more time for shooting and combat mechanics, and focused on everything else in the game, as well as feeling particularly good at things they could possibly do Were. Transferring such fluidity to a game as Grand Theft Auto 6 is probably no small feat, but Rockstar is, if anyone is up to the task, and the end product will be much better for it.


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