Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced some major changes in their platform, and we’re here to give you the facts! The tech giant has launched Amazon DevOps Guru and announced the general availability of Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. These tools aim to enhance application performance and minimize downtime.

DevOps Guru is an ML-powered service that automatically brings visibility to operational issues. It finds anomalies in application telemetry and helps diagnose the root cause. This means that you can now diagnose application issues before they become problems for end-users. DevOps Guru uses machine models to predict application behavior, hence providing predictive recommendations. Best of all, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any ML expertise!

CodeGuru Reviewer, on the other hand, helps identify potential issues in code before deployment. Developers can now do peer reviews easily, and the code review process becomes more automated. By using machine learning models, CodeGuru Reviewer can suggest code improvements that can help reduce CPU time, leaky resources, or memory. It’s a perfect example of ML-like features incorporated into other AWS services.

In general, these tools provide application performance monitoring and management without the need for cloud operations expertise. AWS is continuing to invest in using machine learning models to improve application performance management in real-time. AWS has also announced that Amazon CodeGuru Profiler, another DevOps-focused tool, is now available in India and Europe regions.

In conclusion, AWS’s new tools, including DevOps Guru and CodeGuru Reviewer, are designed to reduce downtime and improve application performance, allowing businesses to run more efficiently. As these tools further develop, we can expect further innovations to make it even easier for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence. 

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