Punjab Medium Liquor [PML] is the official term used by Businesses, Governments and Media in Punjab to refer to all types of hard liquor manufactured in the state.

In PML (Punjab Medium Liquor), PML is available at 50 degree, 65 degree and 75 degree market.
PML in 50 degree, such as Saunfi, ICY Vodka, Green Vodka, Mota Santra, Jugni etc. are available in the market.
In PML 65 degrees, such as Club Whisky, Club Rum, Cash Whisky, Cash Rum, Punjab King Whisky, Crazy Romeo Whisky, Binnie Whisky, Ginnie Whisky, Gin, etc. are available in the market.
PML in 75 degrees, such as Bonnie Scot etc. are available in the market.
There are three types of packing material used for packing of PML such as Plastic Bottle, Old Glass Bottle and New Glass Bottle.

Top 5 PML’s Distilleries in Punjab

Jagatjit Industries Ltd.

JIL (Jagatjit Industries Ltd) is one of the top integrated distillery making portable wine in Asia. It is the first in India with in-house facilities for the production of jaggery and non-jaggery based portable liquor from fully automated distillation plants. It’s brand range includes rum, whisky, brandy, vodka, gin and Scotch. It is offering wine and food.


A.B. Grain Spirits Pvt. Ltd. is a non-government company incorporated on 13 January 2005. It is a private unlisted company and is classified as limited by shares. A.B. Grain Spirits Pvt. Ltd. has been in the manufacturing (food items) business for the last 15 years and the company is currently operating. The company is registered at the Registrar Office of Chandigarh (Punjab). A.B. Registered address of A.B.Grain Spirits Pvt Ltd, VILLAGE KIRI AFGANA, P.O. Rajoy-Bahdurpur Teh. BATALA GURDASPUR PB 142527 IN.

CDBL (Chandigarh Distillers and Bottlers Ltd.)

Chandigarh Distillers and Bottlers was established in the year 1989 under the aegis of Shri Amit Modi (CMD). In 1991 the company set up the first distillery in Banur (Punjab) to produce rectified spirits and has been continuously striving to expand its manufacturing capabilities ever since. The group has widened its operations, expanded its regional reach, invested in new products and diversified into the renewable energy sector as well.

Malbros International Pvt. Ltd.

Registered in 2013, Malbros International Pvt. Ltd. has made it’s name in the list of top suppliers in India. The supplier company is based in Zirakpur, Punjab and is one of the major vendors of listed products.
Malbros International Pvt. Ltd. has been included in the list of Trade in India. For the best quality products and service, they offer the highest quality of bulk buy etc.

Pioneer Industries Limited

Pioneer Industries Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, in the year 1997 in Pathankot (Punjab) with the objective of promoting agricultural activities and development of agro-based industries.

They are a young and vibrant organization engaged in the manufacture and export of various types of grain based products. Some of our products include Wheat Wheat Gluten, Potable Alcohol, Maltodextrin Powder, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Liquid Glucose and High Maltose Syrup. Within a short span of time this company has gained acclaim in the markets due to quality products. Despite all our achievements, we feel that we have miles to go and we have prove that every milestone we reach becomes a success staircase.



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